Save at least $3,148 on your next Real Estate transaction!
... Based on a median house price in the Seattle, Washington area!"


How does the Real Estate Coupon Book work?

A: Simply order the Real Estate Coupon Book for $99, and the Real Estate Coupon Book will be emailed to you. Keep the digital copy on your computer for references purposes, and print the coupon book for immediate use. 

Is the Real Estate Coupon Book Redeemable Now or in the Future?

A: The Real Estate Coupon Book is redeemable both now and in the future. The Real Estate Coupon Book has no expiration date.

How Do I Redeem My Coupons?

A: Contact the industry professional (Real Estate Agent, Mortgage Broker, Title Officer, Escrow Officer, Home Inspector, Home Warranty Representative, etc.) of your choice and let the professional(s) know you will be using the Real Estate Coupon Book for savings on your transaction. If you donít have an industry professional, email, and a list of proven professional will be provided for you.

Who Can/Should Participate?

A: Anyone who is contemplating a real estate transaction in the future, or is looking to save money on a home improvement project now or in the future. The Home Improvement Discount Coupons may be used immediately, and real estate transaction coupons have no expiration date. The Real Estate Coupon Book also makes a great gift for friends and family.

What If I Lose My Real Estate Coupon Book?

A: If you lose the Real Estate Coupon Book, email for replacement.

May I Order More Than One Real Estate Coupon Book?

A: Yes, you may order as many Real Estate Coupon Books as you would like. Each Real Estate Coupon Book ordered counts as one entry towards winning the FREE HOUSE.

What Type of House May I Win?

A: All houses are provided by a reputable builder. The homes are approximately 2400 square feet in size, and have an estimated value of $400-700k depending on the area.

How Many New Homes are Available?

A: The number of new homes available is unlimited. A new home will be continuously given away for every 3500 Real Estate Coupon Books sold.

May I resell the house if I win?

A: Absolutely, once you have won the home it is yours to do with what you would like (resell, occupy, rent, etc.).

Will the house be free and clear of all mortgages when I win the home?

A: Yes.  The house will be free of all encumbrances upon closing.